It’s the little things

We went from wanting a new frig to needing a new frig for our sanity!


It really is the little things.

  • White shirts coming home in color
  • Delaying bedtime by asking for “huggies”
  • Horrid morning breath because teeth brushing is apparently lame.
  • So are showers.
  • “I’m hungry.”  “I’m really hungry.”  “I’m still hungry.”  Hence the new frig.  Big WHAT UP to Lowe’s for delivering on Sundays.  I’ve never been the first delivery off the truck before.
  • More Disney, less USA

So it’s been a week, plus.  We survived a birthday dinner.  We have had our first come to Jesus meeting.  I managed to make everyone cry this weekend.  Yet there was no blood and everyone is still breathing.  Success!  But they all start going to the sitter after school today.  That tune may change at 5 tonight.


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

    • Dude, the new frig is freakin’ awesome. We’ve got way more room. There is a kid level drawer that I keep all their crap in. The freezer is on the bottom. And it is the same exact size as the old frig, but it is sooooooooo much bigger.

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