Kids stop for no man…

Even after a 10 hour day.  As soon as I hit the door… an hour late… and without my planned gym pit stop…. “Can I get on the computer?”  “Sign my planner.”  “I need help with homework… nah, I’ll just wait for Josh”.  “Can I go play?”  Thank God Dewey’s reheats pretty darn good.  And thank god I have a mommy who comes to save my ass when I get stuck in said 10 hour day.  

So we are coming up on a month.  Our first holiday weekend together.  I always frown at the crowds at St. Cecilia’s Festival, but do we go this year?  We have to hit the pool.  That’s a given.  

Thursday is our 9th anniversary.  My mom turned 60 yesterday.  I had grand plans for both events.  But kids stop for no man.  So I texted my mom her happy birthday and we are escaping for a few hours Friday night for a grown up dinner.  There will not be a chicken tender or hot dog in site.  View Cucina better be on their game Friday night.  I have expectations.  

Time to shower, pass out and do it all over again tomorrow.  Good night world.


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