In sickness and in health


Funny thing.  Kids don’t care when you are sick.  Josh and I have both been battling a cold… West Nile… whatever is the latest fad right now… for most of the week.  And boy have these kids been troopers.  But there is no rest for the wicked.  So yesterday, after gracing them with more TV than I care to admit yesterday, we ran errands, got dinner and ice cream.

Ever been with a kid on their first trip to Graeter’s?  Holy cow.  I’ve been eating Graeter’s for so long, it is like a second nature to me.  But watching these little eyes light up when they hit one of the famous Graeter’s Chocolate Chips?  Wow.  No one cared that it was about 30 degrees in there last night.  They were going to finish that ice cream.

And today.  With my froggy voice and my stuffy nose and my desire to just sleep the day away, I packed up mine plus a friend and traipsed over to the indoor pool.  They got 90 minutes of pool time.  I got to figure out how to not fall asleep while laying on a metal bench.  God bless iBooks and Gone Girl.  That kept me going.  

But we are trucking along.  The oldest has been at a sleep over every night.  I’m choosing to believe it is because she is so popular and not because Josh and I are lame.  The other two are looking forward to dessert tonight (without their sister… MORE TO GO AROUND) and a movie.  Me?  I may fall asleep on the couch covered in child.  And one of these days I will wake up feeling (and sounding) like myself again.

Hope you all had a great (and dry… cause we didn’t) Labor Day Weekend.


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