So for years we have been talking about getting back to church.  Josh and I grew up so differently that we knew it was important, but it never came to the forefront.  We always found reasons… “nothing really fits what we want”… “maybe we will try next week”… “let’s wait for…”

Until now.  After a few weeks with the kids, we realized that church just isn’t important for us, but important for them.  It can give them more of a sense of belonging.  It will give them the opportunity to make friends from all different areas.  And to be honest, they could all use a big ol’ piece of humble pie most days.

So we hit up the new Crossroads in Florence today.  It’s like they designed exactly what Josh and I had been looking for.  The little kids got to hang out in the Kids’ Club.  In two weeks, the teenager will get involved with the teen group (because… go figure… most teens don’t want to be at the 9:30 service.  Strange.)

Another little nugget we have rediscovered… the Wii.  Hell, I forgot it was hanging up behind the TV until this weekend when one of the kids asked to play.  Now we have to find more Wii games.  Those have got to be a lot cheaper by now, right?

And it wasn’t just a weekend of discovery for us either.  This weekend, the kids went to their first wedding. They were in awe of the bride and her dress.  They were confused by the linen napkins.  No.  Seriously.  They asked where to wipe their hands.  New church.  And then, their first meal in a fancy restaurant.  We hit Sunday brunch at the 360 in Covington.  I love that brunch and I was really excited to share it with the kids. I mean, that brunch has got to have some of the best Prime Rib in town.  They can’t wait to go back.

Have a great week.


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