66 Hours

And it’s here.

Josh is on a business trip.  For 66 hours it is just me versus the three of them.  Six if you count the dogs.  Will I lose my mind?  Will the house stay standing until Josh returns late LATE Friday night?  Who knows.  I know that tonight was aided by a dinner cooked by my mother, the start of yearbook, a middle school volleyball game and a new friend that lives down the street.  Tomorrow night, will it flow as easily?  Again.  Who knows.

I knew life would suddenly get busy… but wow.  Where did September go?  Anyone?  It is going to be Christmas before I realize it and I’m going to try to figure out where I left the rest of my year.

And school.  All the different ways to get busted with school.  Texting.  Portals.  Emails from teams.  Planners.  When did schools start having “teams?”  Or is that my Catholic school upbringing showing itself?  Ms. 13 got a phone.  And then promptly got it taken away two days in a row at school.  There was a possible cheating episode.  Ms. 8 signed Josh’s name in her planner when she forgot to give it to us one night.  Poorly, I may add.  She worked so hard to make it look so good, not realizing that she would have been better off making it as sloppy as possible.  We barely try anymore.  We have signed so much stuff I’m contemplating a rubber stamp with my signature.  I already do it at work.  Why not here?  Would anyone even notice?  The state of Kentucky sure doesn’t.

Our first Halloween will soon be upon us.  Costumes, from what I understand, is a racket.

I should really wait till everyone is in bed before I blog.  I have a hard-core game of hide and go seek going on at the moment.  They are excited.  So our young pup is excited.  And jumping.  I swear, it should be a rule that when a kid screams “HELP ME” at the top of their lungs there should be blood or a dog running rampant or something.

11.5 hours down.  54.5 more to go.  Cross your fingers.


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