The Tooth Fairy is Serious Business

So I mentioned in my last post that 8 lost a tooth.  First one here.  And apparently, it was serious.

She stood here in the kitchen that night, thinking very hard.  I finally had to just ask.  She wasn’t sure where she was going to leave her tooth.  She moves around a lot at night and she was afraid that the tooth would roll under her bed and the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t find it.  She had put it in one of her pink Squinky… whatever the hell those things are… containers.  She thought long and hard about it.  While I was sitting here thinking “how the hell am I going to sneak in there, steal the tooth and leave a dollar without waking her up?”  And then, brilliance struck her little head.

Of course, she exclaimed!  I don’t roll around NEAR as much as she does so she will leave it under my pillow.  But will the Tooth Fairy know?!?  I mean, I’m an adult.  Why would the tooth be under my pillow and not hers?  Would she find it?  Would it work?

Then she did the first thing she could think of.  And that, my friends, was to write a note.  To the Tooth Fairy.

So there was a first draft.  As you can see, there were spelling errors and not enough room.  8 has to do everything perfect.  So…


The final draft.  She had her priorities, as you can see.  Couldn’t lose the pink holder.  Wanted to make sure she got the going rate for kid teeth.

We laughed for hours.  We made sure to scan this so it could be kept forever.  This is so going to rear its ugly head at her rehearsal dinner.

Have a great Halloween all.  I know we sure are going to.



Justice is highway robbery!

Like weeds, they are growing!  It is unreal.  The 8-year-old… no joke… 4 inches in 2 months.  She lost a tooth today.  It’s been a big weekend.

So, there was a desperate need for clothes… including for yours truly.  I love me some White House Black Market, but I can’t just drop the money in the boutique for 5 new pair of pants.  But there’s the outlet.  In Jeffersonville.  Not familiar.  It is halfway to Columbus.  So that was 90 minutes in the car all 5 of us.  But if we were doing this, I was at least going to get something out of it.  So Tanger Outlet Bound we were.  We didn’t get to leave till noon because of swim lessons, so we got there about 1:30 or so.  Just some things we noticed.

1. Kids shoes.  Really, world?  They outgrow them too damn fast to really justify a $40 price tag.

2. Aeropostale: Thanks for being awesome.  BOGO jeans!  $3 shirts!!  And bonus to having stuff a 13-year-old WANTS to have.

3. I love White House Black Market.  Love.  The sizes are legit and the stuff lasts forever.  It is soooooooooo worth the drive up there.

4.  Justice.  Let me tell you what… Justice.  I was warned about Justice.  Never go in there without a coupon.  If it isn’t 40% off, turn around.  Krista, if you read this, holy HELL you were right.  I’m not sure I really believed it.  Screw that place.  $54 for a pair of little girls’ boots!  Are you KIDDING me?  Me pay $54 for a pair of shoes… sure… that’s a bargain for me.  I’m also not putting on 4 inches in a month and asking for food 4 times an hour.  My 8-year-old, though.  And this was the STUPID outlet!  The regular stores?  I don’t even want to know.  That place is like the girl stereotype threw up and decided to sell it for 25% markup.  The only reason we walked out of there with a Beiber shirt is because I had a work crisis and I am only capable of one fight at a time.  Justice.  Never again.  We got coupons for “our next visit”.  I told our 8-year-old to use those for her scrapbook because all they are at this point is decoration.

5.  Having an 8-year-old in the dressing room with you is better than a mirror.  The ooooh’s… the aaaaahh’s… the “those are soooooo soft”… the “you look so pretty!”  If some enterprising marketing exec reads this, a cute 8-year-old is waaaay more convincing than most sales people are.

6.  It isn’t a myth.  Boys really do hate shopping.  I was only able to keep him going by offering him a snack halfway through.  He would really prefer me to just come home with clothes for him.

So was it worth it?  Yeah, I got some really good deals for me.  But what really made it worth it was hearing that the 13 year olds new clothes were the HIT of the football game we dropped her off at after we got back.  She got rave reviews all around.  That feeling?  That made the entire day worth it.

We have started mainlining season 1 of Once Upon a Time with 9 and 8.  They are in love.  Which makes me happy.  I’ve been delaying starting season 2 because I wanted to see if they would watch it with us.  They will.  We’ve gotten through 7 episodes in 3 days.  Toasting cable was the smartest thing we have done in the last month or so.

And my birthday is Tuesday.  35.  And before you start… I’m not looking for a load of happy birthdays.  I never have.  But this is the first birthday with kids.  I always wondered what it would be like to have kids around on a birthday.  Especially one that I don’t think I’m handling so well.  30 didn’t faze me.  35 is taking its toll.  I know there is a gift in my future.  I’m not sure what it is.  I’m told that the search for a gift was a trip.  9 was convinced that I would just love the long gold chain with a giraffe pendant on the end of it.  For those that know me personally… feel free to die of laughter now.  I do know it came from Dillard’s because 8 is the worst secret keeper in the world and I had to ignore as we walked back through on Friday afternoon so the girls could get their haircut.  I thought her sister was going to shove her into a Coach purse because her eyes kept darting toward counters.

So we tick down toward the holidays.  They are fast approaching, aren’t they?  I’m already thinking about what it will be like to decorate this year with three extra people around.  Should keep me on my toes.

Have a great week all.