Happy Thanksgiving

So the first big Holiday is here for our new family… and it is my favorite one.  Thanksgiving.  I know.  People just love Christmas.  But for me, I love the crisp autumn air, the football and the turkey.  Oh the turkey.  We get a fresh one from Tewes’ every year.

But a few things have changed.  We normally host Thanksgiving, but we are out of room this year.  So we cook.  Mom hosts.  Hopefully next year we go back to how it has always been.  But this is the first Holiday with kids around.  I can’t decide how this is going to go.  Will we all be behaved?  Are we going to fight over mashed potatoes?  What about the pumpkin pie?  All three have not pulled any punches about the fact that they all love them some pumpkin pie.  We shall see how the evening goes.  We watched the majority of the Macy’s Parade.  They seemed to enjoy that.  They begged me to turn on Super 8.  Not the most Thanksgiving of movies, but they all enjoyed it.  We leave for the parents’ house in about 2 hours.  We have added deviled eggs to the menu for our 13-year-old.

And then comes the big question… do I hit the stores in the AM and take advantage of some deals since I now have three extras for Christmas or do I keep my stance of being anti-Black Friday?  I can promise you will not see me at midnight at Best Buy or Walmart.  But if you want to hit up Crestview Hills at about 8 tomorrow, you may just see me there.

And they kids aren’t the only ones still struggling, especially as we come to the holidays.  My patient, level-headed husband has a huge meltdown last night.  We were up till midnight dealing with that.  I wish I could tell you all that it is all roses and puppies and rainbows.  Some days, like today, it is.  But the three days leading up to today… hellish state of hell.  Plus, it doesn’t help that Josh and I had to compress 5 days of work into 3.  That always makes things super fun and relaxing.

I hope you and yours have a great day and that you get the Black Friday deals you choose to go after tomorrow.  Personally, we are going to take advantage of cyber Monday and get a new TV.  Merry Christmas to Josh and I.  Have a good one my friends.


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