Life Goes On

It has been awhile.  What?  Since before Christmas?  I feel like we have all gotten into a groove and have become boring.  Is that possible?  Is it possible to be boring when there is always so much going on?  We had a good Christmas.  We stayed busy.  Maybe too busy.  Time will tell.  The gifts were opened and looked at.  Some were awesome.  Some haven’t been looked at since.  I’m still not sure how to thank “Uncle” Sean for the Nerf guns.  Working on that one.  

But there is no rest for the wicked.  Kids want and they want and they want.  And you have to move on.  Even when all you want to do is curl up and feel sorry for yourself.  You see, we lost a dog today.


Aiden was never a fan of the vet. Ever.

This is Aiden.  We adopted him while we were still in Bowling Green.  Haley, the retriever we lost last year, was in desperate need of a friend.  Aiden was the first dog we saw the day we went to the shelter.  Josh made me look at all the dogs, but I knew that I had been chosen that day.  And even through the Houdini acts and destruction and the white fur that is everywhere, he was one of the greatest fur buddies one could ever have.  And he decided that today was his day.  No pomp.  No circumstance.  He just curled up in a ball and went to sleep.  If only we could all go that way.  The worst is that our 13 year old found him.  She was so distraught and sad.  But the resiliency of kids.  She’s talking to friends as I type.  9 is at his Slammers class and 8 is watching TV on the iPad.  The younger two just kind of nodded and went down to see him before we took Aiden to the vet.  Maybe it is because they have been through so much loss that they are old pros (which makes me want to start to cry all over again) or that they didn’t have the connection that Josh and I did to him.  Maybe we are looking at huge meltdowns this weekend.  But life does go on.  When we got home, 8 came out of her room, gave me a hug and told me she was hungry.  And what can you do but move on, carry on, and keep on trucking.  

And trucking we are.   The attorney has been contacted.  Paperwork is being completed.  And hopefully soon, a court date.  We talking name changes and how to spell things.  I will miss that dog more than I could ever explain in words.  He was there for me when I was sad, I mean really really sad.  He made us laugh and laugh and laugh and we will continue to laugh and laugh and laugh as we tell stories to the kids.  They love to hear stories about the dogs that occurred before they arrived.  I think it makes them feel like they were there too.  Or maybe they are just really good stories.  These three will help us keep the memory of my buddy Aiden alive.  So life goes on.  It has to.

PS: Have you ever had a dog dust crop a room you are sitting in and stink you out of it?  Josh has.  By Aiden.  If you ever get the chance to have him tell you that story, you should.  It’s one of the good ones.