And the hits keep coming…

You know that moment… that moment when you are like “OMG WHY!?!”  For some of my friends, it is the first time their kids either puke or pee or them.  Having skipped (been blessed?!?) to skip the baby portion of our show, I move right on to the school stuff.  And the stuff they can bring home with them.  Like lice.

Yes, my friends.  Lice.  Our dogs have never had so much as fleas and we had a lice outbreak.  It started when 13 got sent home. She found one in her hair in her first class.  Awesome.  Only found two but still.  We were sufficiently grossed out.  So we did the treatment and cleaned EVERYTHING.  Then, just as a precaution, we did the treatment on 10 and 8.  And did I find the mother load on 8.  It is like she was patient 0 or something.  I have never been so skeeved out in my life.  I swear, my head is still moving and we are two weeks out.  I have found a few bugs here and there since then, but GROOOOOSSSS!  

So we got moved.  The house is on the market.  So that stress begins.  Please house.  Please sell.  Please next owner.  Find us soon.  The garage is full of crap.  I’m beginning to wish we had thrown it all away.  

We went to Ikea on Mother’s Day.  Gave each kid a budget to decorate their room.  What was most surprising is that everyone made it out alive.  No blood was spilled.  I’m super proud of myself on that one.  

We are in the final days of the school year.  I think we will all be glad for the summer break.  The kids are looking forward to camp.  I’m going to be glad to not have to drive them out to school anymore.

Celebrated the first Mother’s Day.  It was nice.  Got a poem from 8.  Created and typed by her.  Shakespeare she is not, but she tried so hard.  And I got coupons.  She wants to help cook.  And one is for picking up “but not my room” she says.  I was also gifted a Reds bobblehead that 10 didn’t want that he got at the game the day before.  Nice.

Chopped my hair.  Lice will do that to you.

It still shocks me when people are in awe of what we are doing.  Almost a year in and it feels like it isn’t so much a special thing anymore.  I saw a dear friend from high school get married last weekend.  Hadn’t seen her or the new hubby since the weekend before we met the kids for the first time. They were so excited for us!  On THEIR wedding day.  I told Jackie not to cry, but that was an exercise in futility.  They can’t wait to meet the kids.  I said I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t stick one in their trunk when they left.  They said they would be fine with that.  I told them they hadn’t met these kids yet.  

We are all volunteering with Go Cincinnati on Saturday.  I call it an exercise in humility.  Lord knows they all could stand some.  Enjoy your weekend.


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