Every time I write one of these, I seem to start with “wow, how long has it been?”  I hate that.  There is a lot that has fallen to the side of my life that I am regretting now.

Transitions.  It’s been a big week for transitions.  The kids started school.  New schools.  Yet again.  I hate to think about how many new schools they have had to start in every August.  I hate that we had to do that to them one more time.  8 turned 9 yesterday.  She’s a full blown cheerleader at this moment.  Will it stick?  Who knows.  But I don’t think she has ever been this tired in her little short 9 years.  She’s even quit fighting the “I’m not tired” and is transitioning into “I need more sleep”.  14 is in 8th grade.  I think the transition to high school next year is already making her nervous.  10.  Well, he’s having his own issues at this time, but that needs to stay in house for now.

And me and Josh?  Yeah.  Transitions.  You see, for the first time since I was 18, I currently find myself without employment.  Am I nervous?  You betcha.  A little scared?  Absolutely.  Interested to see what comes down the path next?  Hell yes.  

You see, we took a family vacation to Lake Cumberland at the end of July.  I took off in a kayak by myself one morning for about a half hour.  Just me.  No kids screaming at each other.  No phone ringing or email dinging or text messages going off.  Just peace.  Quiet.  And me.  I remember looking up at the sky and letting the Good Lord know that I was all set for what was next.  And now I’m on my new path.  And I have faith.  A lot of it.  So while I may be nervous and apprehensive right now, I know that I’m going to be alright.  Those that know me well know that I always land on my feet.  

But the kiddos.  Man.  The only question the little two asked is if this means I could volunteer at school now like other moms do.  That’s all they really care about.  And that’s what matters.  The rest is icing.  Some of you may want to ask why and want me to rehash what has happened.  But I decided that I’m not interested in doing that.  I’m transitioning forward.  Back has given me it all it can.  Forward is the way to go.  

So when I say I hope to update more now, I truly mean it this time and may just be able to fulfill on that promise.  We have our first cheerleading competition coming up.  14 plans to join drama and 10 wants to play basketball.  It’s going to be an interesting fall.  Hope yours it too!