Busy Bees

Oh my goodness.  Busy busy busy bees over here.  Believe you me, not working doesn’t mean I’m less busy.  Just in a different way.  A good way, but a different way.

The kids sure are throwing themselves into activities.  We are in the height of cheerleading.  Which, I don’t get, but 9 sure is liking the competition stuff.  Not the games.  Games are boring.  But the really expensive, time intensive, exhausting stuff… yeah.  Loving that.  Her first competition is in a couple of weeks.  She has to be at the coach’s house at 6AM.  Yes.  You read that right.  A bunch of 3rd and 4th graders have to be present at 6AM on a Saturday morning to curl their hair and get dressed.  And I have no idea what time they actually cheer.  They are all going to need naps before that happens.  10 is gearing up for after school karate club, basketball and (fingers crossed) Lego club.  Yeah.  That’s a thing.  Only 30 kids from all grades.  First come, first serve.  Man, I hope he remembered to turn that in to his teacher today.  And 14 starts dance and musical theater classes next week.  Is it sad that I’m a little geeked out because she’s going to get to participate in The Nutcracker at Christmas.  WHAT?  The stupid grin on my face last night when the chick at the front desk at the studio told me that must have been… well, stupid.  I’m a dork.  

The Hughes’ are some busy bees.  But getting these three involved has been the best thing for them.  We are burning off energy.  We are finding other things to do besides watch TV on the iPad/Kindle.  We are getting healthy.  And we are producing.  9 has mastered her cartwheel and front handspring.  She’s getting stronger.  10 has been shooting hoops next door every night (shout out to the awesome neighbors who don’t care!).  14 is crazy excited to buy dance shoes tomorrow morning.  I’m not going to think about what those buggers cost these days.

And me?  Well, I took my first (but not last) yoga class yesterday.  Ouch.  I hurt today.  

Have a great weekend.  We have a football game to hike to on Sunday.  Oh joy.  Oh bliss.