So in December 2011, my husband and I started a discussion.  Having a family has always been a priority for us, but it didn’t seem to be happening the old fashioned way.  I had been in my job as the site director for a foster care agency in Northern KY for about 8 months and we had just had our first group event… our Christmas party.  Have you ever asked yourself “what if one conversation could change my life?”  Well, it can.  That night and that conversation set us off on a path I never expected.  We started adoption classes in April 2012.  Doing what I do for a living, I thought I had this in the bag.  I had seen it all, heard it all.  Nothing could scare me or shock me.  Yeah.  Right.  We finished our training in June 2012 and were immediately approached about a sibling group of three… two girls and a boy… who needed a forever family.  They fit our criteria, so we decided to meet them.  This blog is my chance to let anyone who is interested in following our journey have that chance.  The kids come for good on 8/10/2012.  Who knows when the adoption will happen, but stay tuned.  It’s about to get interesting.


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